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14 May 2012

Ganesh Telugu MP3 Songs

Ganesh Telugu MP3 Songs

Aada barse andariki- [ Download Link]

Hindi lona chumma - [ Download Link ]

Raja hamsa vo - [Download Link]

Rama rama ayyo - [ Download Link]

Siri siri muvvalu - [ Download Link]

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Ganesh Just Ganesh MP3 Songs

Ganesh Just Ganesh MP3 Songs

Any Time - [ Download Link]

Chalo Chalore - [ Download Link ]

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Gandikota Rahashyam MP3 Songs

Gandikota Rahashyam MP3 Songs

Kanneloye Kannelu- [ Download Link]

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13 May 2012

11 May 2012

Gabbar Singh Telugu Movie Review


Gabbar Singh (Pawan Kalyan) comes to a village named Kondaveedu and there he gets in the way of politically influential goon Siddhappa (Abhimanyu Singh). Due to Gabbar Singh, Siddhappa’s political plans and dreams get shattered and he seeks revenge. What happens between them is the crux of this story. Besides, there is romantic angle to it in the form of Bhagya Lakshmi (Shruti Haasan).


Story of this film is so simple and formulaic. So there’s nothing to rave about on that front. Gabbar Singh is about attitude of the lead man. Well, who can show attitude better than Pawan? He simply rocked the screen. His fans are going to have a blast for sure. Harish Shankar did many changes to Dabangg script and most of his changes work. Screenplay is super racy in the first half and moves at a decent pace in the second hour. First half is filled with humor all the way. It breezes off in no time and the mood at interval point will be ecstatic. Second half is good too, but drags a little bit in the penultimate scenes. Finally a happy ending and everyone would come out with a smile on their face. Gabbar Singh is a complete film that will cater to all the sections. Especially, fans will be mighty pleased to see Pawan Kalyan in full blown powerful role. Antyakshari scene in particular had the audiences in splits.


Pawan Kalyan does one man show from start to end. He simply steals the show whenever he is in the frame and whoever might be with him. Pawan’s punch dialogues will bring the audiences repeatedly to the theaters. This time Pawan Kalyan tried to please his fans and common audiences with few dance moves. Nice! Shruti Haasan is cute and she performs pretty well. Beautiful! Abhimanyu Singh is sensational and Suhasini adds the sentiment that will appeal to female audience. Ali, Brahmanandam and Jaya Prakash Reddy are hilarious in few sequences. Ajay did a meaty role. Kota Srinivasa Rao excels. Everybody has put in their best efforts. Great!


Devi Sri Prasad’s music is the second lead after Pawan Kalyan for this film. Every song is marvelous and Harish Shankar’s picturization and the choreographers work added more value on screen. Songs itself are your money’s worth and rest is bonus. DSP’s background score is stupendous. Cinematography and Editing are impressive. Dialogues by Harish Shankar are one of the major highlights of this film. He did an excellent job as a director too. This film will surely take him to the next level.

Final Word:

Pawan Kalyan fans have been waiting for so long to see their idol in this type of role. He took more time than needed. But finally he has delivered the goods with Gabbar Singh. Watch it!

Gabbar Singh Movie Rating: 3.75/5

10 May 2012

Gandhi Puttina Desam Telugu Movie MP3 Songs

Gandhi Puttina Desam Telugu Movie MP3 Songs

Evarini Adagaali - [ Download Link]

Gandhi Puttina Desam Raghu ramudu - [ Download Link ]

Gandeevam Telugu Movie MP3 Songs

Gandeevam Telugu Movie MP3 Songs

Goruvanka - [ Download Link]

Mammajaba - [ Download Link ]

Siri Siri Poola - [Download Link]

Thadipodi - [ Download Link]

Theesade Debba - [ Download Link]

Gamyam Telugu Movie MP3 Songs

Gamyam Telugu Movie MP3 Songs

Oneway - [ Download Link]

Challegaani - [ Download Link ]

Hatheri Chintamani - [Download Link]

Samayama - [ Download Link]

Enthavaraku - [ Download Link]

Interludes - [ Download Link]

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7 May 2012

Indian Model Yatin Dandekar Hot Photos

Gaja Donga Telugu Movie MP3 Songs

Gaja Donga Telugu Movie MP3 Songs

Chuppanaathi Chandhrudu - [ Download Link]

Nee Illu Bangaaramgaanu - [ Download Link ]

Rendaksharaala Prema - [Download Link]

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Oka Rathiri Oka Pokiri - [ Download Link]